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        I express myself through music, photography, artwork and video. Born in France, I started playing guitar at 15 and developed my own style which is influenced mainly by Spanish, Oriental and Gypsy music. I released my first solo album in the early 2000s after moving to London. Ever since, I have recorded at least one album every year.

            In 2009, I started exploring visual arts and since then I have produced a variety of works including photography, digital artwork and art video. The videos combine visual art with my own musical compositions. This approach has opened new horizons and as my palettte is expanding my life is too!


90s  - Musician in Paris

2003 - First solo album - El camino de Granada

2011 - First exhibition - 'JP's universe' (photo-artwork-video)

2012 - Solo artwork exhibition - 'Magic Earth'
        - No soy una máquina - 19th album - Limited Edition

2013 - 'Music in the dark' - Live acoustic performances
        - Solo artwork exhibition - 'Fragile'
        - Du fond du silence - 20th album - Limited Edition


Musical Collaborations

1990 - Adios Mama - Paco and Los Vagabundos

2005 - Treasure - Ten Worlds

2006 - Mystic bond - Ten Worlds

2007 - The other side - Ten Worlds


Others Websites

Music in the dark

JP guitar tuition

JP Artworks - Facebook

Jean-Pierre - Twitter


  Feel free to contact me if you would like more information regarding upcoming events or my artwork.